Quality Control

Quality control of concrete is extremely important because it is a structural building material in order to ensure the best quality product deliver to customer. Our Ready Mixed Concrete undergo strict quality control test.

The concrete slump test is a method of quality control. The slump should be consistent for a particular mix. A change in slump height would demonstrate an undesired change in the ratio of the concrete ingredients; the proportions of the ingredients are then adjusted to keep a concrete batch consistent. This homogeneity improves the quality and structural integrity of the cured concrete.

The cube test is the test most commonly used for determining concrete strength in construction industry. A 150mm x 150mm cube of concrete is cast, is cured for the appropriate time, and is then compressed between two parallel faces. The stress at failure is taken to be the compressive strength of the concrete.

Below are some of the tools and equipment at Quality Control Department of Jin San.

Tools & Equipment

  1. Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine
    - 1 nos of Unit Test 200/EL 2000 kN Testing Machine

  2. Drum Mixer
    - 3 nos of Diesel Power Drum Mixer

  3. Slump Test Equipment
    - 10 sets of slump test equipment

  4. Test Cube
    - 300 pieces of test cube mould

  5. Rebound Hammer
    - 1 nos of Proceq (Type N-34) Rebound Hammer

  6. Moisture Tester
    - 1 nos of MT-30 Moisture Tester