Quality Control

Definition for precast concrete products could be "any concrete product manufactured and cured in a plant or factory environment and then shipped or transported to a job site for installation”. Jin San Precast Concrete Products Sdn. Bhd. as one of the leading precast concrete products manufacturer and supplier in central Sarawak, we always place the quality as our priority. All our precast concrete products are manufactured and cured under stringent condition to reach the maximum grade.

Quality control of concrete is also very important in precast concrete products. Our precast concrete products undergo strict quality control and our certification attest to this in order for us to offer all customers precast concrete products of the highest grade. All the Ready Mixed Concrete use to manufacture precast concrete products is supplied by Jin San Concrete Sdn. Bhd. under strict quality control process.

All the precast products will undergo a series of pre-casting inspection to ensure all the product is manufacture according to specification. Slump Test will be the first step of quality control process to ensure the water content is within the standard requirement. Then, a set of concrete cube will be prepared to determine the concrete strength of the precast product. After casting, QC Assistant will conduct a series of post-casting inspection to ensure the end product is within the standard requirement.

The Management of Jin San Precast Concrete Products Sdn. Bhd. together with all staff will perform our best in providing, servicing and fulfilling the customer's requirement through the system, products and services offered as to ensure continuous improvement, long-term customer relationship, first choice quality & delivery in the precast concrete industry.